Spider-Man 3 was pretty bad.

For the Spider-Man love story done right, check out the recent Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1, written by Matt Fraction and drawn by Salvador Larroca. It was excellent.

I still hate spiders

There was a rather large spider hiding under my desk today. Since “rather large” is a relative descriptor, it was about the size of a dime. SHUT UP, it was big to me!

It finally ran out from under my desk and onto my window. I then took a full ten minutes to psyche myself up enough to squash it with a bit of paper towel. The important part is I finally managed to murder the pest, because there was no possible way I could’ve fallen asleep with the knowledge of its presence.

I threw it away in the bathroom, because even squashed spider corpses are unwelcome in my room.


A guy brought a cat onto the RR bus today. It had colored fur; green patches on its head and body. It was also wearing a handkerchief around its neck. It was very calm and sat on a seat and looked sleepy.

Its owner had like five belly button piercings. I know this because he was wearing a wifebeater and upon getting on the bus and placing his cat on a seat, he immediately lifted his wifebeater to show off his belly button and nipples. Then he started flirting with the old lady bus driver. My day was made all the brighter by the fact that he obviously wasn’t wearing any underwear, as his lowriding pants betrayed the fact to anyone unfortunate enough to glance in his direction.