MilesProwerCyFox: Greetings.
Segaholic2: Hello
MilesProwerCyFox: I am Miles the Cy-Fox, director of Security and Abuse Operations for Sonic NetWorld
Segaholic2: Um, okay
MilesProwerCyFox: Root System Administrator, Cyberdyne Systems Mobius
MilesProwerCyFox: It has come to our attention that one of your main contributors is responsible for an attack on our forum systems
Segaholic2: Who would that be
MilesProwerCyFox: The one known as “Popcorn”
Segaholic2: What site are you from again
MilesProwerCyFox: Sonic NetWorld, an InvisionFree based forum, is the one that I manage Security and Abuse Operations
Segaholic2: Okay, so what do you want me to do about it
MilesProwerCyFox: Since Popcorn’s attacked involved “tagging” the forum with derogative spam about the site itself, and actively advertises Green Hill Zone, we reccomend that you yourself take action against Popcorn
Segaholic2: Can you show me some examples
MilesProwerCyFox: The site itself is completely down because of the attack
Segaholic2: What’s the site URL
MilesProwerCyFox: Overall, it consisted of registration, posting of spam, Direct Denial-of-Service.
Segaholic2: I’m pretty sure Popcorn doesn’t know shit about DDOS attacks
MilesProwerCyFox: What we’ve gathered is that he used a “script-kiddie” made program
Segaholic2: And why would he do that
MilesProwerCyFox: A frontend to launch the D-DoS
MilesProwerCyFox: Intent of D-DoS unknown as I do not have enough information on Popcorn himself
Segaholic2: Well I honestly don’t think he would do something like that, but I’ll ask him when he comes online
MilesProwerCyFox: But I do know the spam he posted consisted of “I am Popcorn of the much more popular GHZ.” and launched into unintelligble remarks about SNW
Segaholic2: Yeah, doesn’t sound like something he’d do at all
MilesProwerCyFox: The only reason I have anything in this, is because I’m actually not a complete SNW member, but instead brought in from Cyberdyne to examine the attack
MilesProwerCyFox: serving as Acting director of Security/Abuse Ops.
MilesProwerCyFox: Now that that’s business is aside, I’ve looked around GHZ a bit as part of my research, and personally it’s looking good so far
Segaholic2: Cyberdyne? Like from the Terminator movies?
MilesProwerCyFox: Correct
Segaholic2: Can you drop the RP schtick
MilesProwerCyFox: Schtick?
Segaholic2: This is definitely not Popcorn
Segaholic2: So it’s someone posing as him, sorry
MilesProwerCyFox: Then Sec/AOps’ investigation will proceed past GHZ, and this will be filed
Segaholic2: Yeah, good luck with all that
MilesProwerCyFox: Other than that, officially in the security thing, that’s finished.
MilesProwerCyFox: Now I have a personal question
MilesProwerCyFox: Is registration with GHZ-Forums closed?
Segaholic2: Yeah
MilesProwerCyFox: Something happen?
Segaholic2: Just didn’t have time to deal with new regs
MilesProwerCyFox: Ah, because of validation
Segaholic2: I’ll open it again at some future point
MilesProwerCyFox: Another thing. You know what FastFeet Media is, right?
Segaholic2: Vaguely
MilesProwerCyFox: Ah. Well I’m also Community Relations Manager. If you want me to, I’ll keep GHZ in the loop
Segaholic2: Uhhh, okay



Congratulations Jonathan and Jennifer Rutledge.

No pictures of the bride and groom or the actual event as my siblings were thoughtful enough to take all the digital cameras in the house.

Thanks to Nate for the fashion tips, since I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to clothes.

Wearing a suit

Huge Spatula: Don’t worry so much, you totally look fine 😛
Huge Spatula: The suit look good, though your eyes of dread and utter shock have me lolling