MilesProwerCyFox: Greetings.
Segaholic2: Hello
MilesProwerCyFox: I am Miles the Cy-Fox, director of Security and Abuse Operations for Sonic NetWorld
Segaholic2: Um, okay
MilesProwerCyFox: Root System Administrator, Cyberdyne Systems Mobius
MilesProwerCyFox: It has come to our attention that one of your main contributors is responsible for an attack on our forum systems
Segaholic2: Who would that be
MilesProwerCyFox: The one known as “Popcorn”
Segaholic2: What site are you from again
MilesProwerCyFox: Sonic NetWorld, an InvisionFree based forum, is the one that I manage Security and Abuse Operations
Segaholic2: Okay, so what do you want me to do about it
MilesProwerCyFox: Since Popcorn’s attacked involved “tagging” the forum with derogative spam about the site itself, and actively advertises Green Hill Zone, we reccomend that you yourself take action against Popcorn
Segaholic2: Can you show me some examples
MilesProwerCyFox: The site itself is completely down because of the attack
Segaholic2: What’s the site URL
MilesProwerCyFox: Overall, it consisted of registration, posting of spam, Direct Denial-of-Service.
Segaholic2: I’m pretty sure Popcorn doesn’t know shit about DDOS attacks
MilesProwerCyFox: What we’ve gathered is that he used a “script-kiddie” made program
Segaholic2: And why would he do that
MilesProwerCyFox: A frontend to launch the D-DoS
MilesProwerCyFox: Intent of D-DoS unknown as I do not have enough information on Popcorn himself
Segaholic2: Well I honestly don’t think he would do something like that, but I’ll ask him when he comes online
MilesProwerCyFox: But I do know the spam he posted consisted of “I am Popcorn of the much more popular GHZ.” and launched into unintelligble remarks about SNW
Segaholic2: Yeah, doesn’t sound like something he’d do at all
MilesProwerCyFox: The only reason I have anything in this, is because I’m actually not a complete SNW member, but instead brought in from Cyberdyne to examine the attack
MilesProwerCyFox: serving as Acting director of Security/Abuse Ops.
MilesProwerCyFox: Now that that’s business is aside, I’ve looked around GHZ a bit as part of my research, and personally it’s looking good so far
Segaholic2: Cyberdyne? Like from the Terminator movies?
MilesProwerCyFox: Correct
Segaholic2: Can you drop the RP schtick
MilesProwerCyFox: Schtick?
Segaholic2: This is definitely not Popcorn
Segaholic2: So it’s someone posing as him, sorry
MilesProwerCyFox: Then Sec/AOps’ investigation will proceed past GHZ, and this will be filed
Segaholic2: Yeah, good luck with all that
MilesProwerCyFox: Other than that, officially in the security thing, that’s finished.
MilesProwerCyFox: Now I have a personal question
MilesProwerCyFox: Is registration with GHZ-Forums closed?
Segaholic2: Yeah
MilesProwerCyFox: Something happen?
Segaholic2: Just didn’t have time to deal with new regs
MilesProwerCyFox: Ah, because of validation
Segaholic2: I’ll open it again at some future point
MilesProwerCyFox: Another thing. You know what FastFeet Media is, right?
Segaholic2: Vaguely
MilesProwerCyFox: Ah. Well I’m also Community Relations Manager. If you want me to, I’ll keep GHZ in the loop
Segaholic2: Uhhh, okay

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That actually gave me a rather good laugh. How can he be a “Root System Administrator” or be the “Acting director of Security/Abuse Ops” if he doesn’t even know what a DDoS is?

that’s…amazing. I should hope to meet people like that, it makes the day go by much faster.