J.J.’s Complete Guide to Canada

J.J.'s Complete Guide to Canada

J.J. McCullough’s Complete Guide to Canada launched today. While J.J. did all of the real work researching and writing all the content, I proofread and copy edited every single word (more than 90,000 of them!), as well as fact-checked a lot of names, dates and other data. It’s a great resource and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about Canada.

In reading every page of J.J.’s exhaustively informative site, I learned more about Canada than I’d ever known before. In fact, I’d say that I probably have a better grasp of Canada’s political system than America’s at this point. The favorite thing I learned from the site is that I was actually born (in Canada, of course) on a Canadian federal election day, right in the middle of John Turner‘s glorious tenure. The very election day that swept the Liberals from power in a massive landslide, and sentenced Turner’s ministership to be the second-shortest in Canadian history.

After several months of fairly dedicated work on the site (it was almost a part-time job at times), I’m happy to see it publicly launched and available to everyone else. I’m also glad to forget all those crazy Canadian style rules, like adding U’s into words such as behavior, color, favor, honor, labor, rumor…