I’m Nathan Tsui, and I don’t like writing in first person.

I am currently employed as a technical writer. I also have experience in product management, project management, content management, writing, editing, and more. There are some further details at my LinkedIn profile, but it needs to be updated.

Since 2003, I have been the website and forum administrator of The GHZ, a small fan site dedicated to the works of Sonic Team. The site is not actively updated and is a repository for information compiled by Jared Matte, the site’s founder, while the forum remains active to this day.

I am the managing editor at SEGA Nerds, a blog dedicated to my favorite video game developer/publisher. I write reviews and features, and copy edit the majority of the content on the site.

In the recent past I wrote news, reviews and features at Total PlayStation, the focus of which should be readily apparent from its name. I also wrote news at the tech website Neowin, and you can see all my articles on that site here.

Discless is a small personal project I try to write for whenever I have spare time, which is not often. I’d like to work on it more seriously, but we shall see what happens.

I copy edit editorials at my friend J.J.’s website, Filibuster Cartoons. I also proofread and copy edited every word (more than 90,000) on his new Complete Guide to Canada, using a combination of the Canadian Press Stylebook and our own agreed-upon style rules.

On rare occasions, I copy edit articles at SEGAbits for my buddy George. (Please note that I do not copy edit every word on Filibuster Cartoons and SEGAbits, so any grammatical or language errors seen on those sites are most certainly not my fault.)

Need to contact me?